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Essential Must-have Plumbing Tools

Having the mentality to do things on your own is a very rewarding mentality. It helps to save money that you could have used to hire a professional. You also get to develop technical plumbing skills. It is easy to repair kitchen and bathroom fixtures if you have plumbing tools. Some of these tools are basic and you should have them in your tool kit.

Essential tools that should not miss in your plumbing tool kit


This is a tool that is versatile and has two parts, the blade, and frame. Both parts have to be tightened to make the tool complete. The frame is normally adjustable hence can fit different blade sizes. It is used to make precision cuts through screws, metals, bolts or plastics.plumbingrightwasehjdrfgh

Pipe wrench

This tool is adjustable and is normally used to loosen or tighten threaded fittings and pipes with round surfaces. Also, called plumber’s wrench, this tool comes in different sizes and can be used for different purposes. Its serrated teeth help it to grip the surface when you turn though it may damage the fixture finishes if not used properly. You may use an adjustable spanner instead of this tool.


A plunger is an indispensable tool that you must have at home. It is used for dislodging clogged showers, drains, floor drains, toilets and tubs. When using it for blocking sinks, you should press it against the sink’s drain opening then pull with force. Doing this continuously clears your sink drain.

Measuring tape

It is commonly referred to as a tape measure and is used by technicians to get exact and quick measurements of objects. There are different designs of tape measures like fiber glass, steel, and cloth. They also come in various sizes and are calibrated either in feet or meters.


Hand gloves

Consider putting on gloves before starting any work since it will provide your hands with protective cover against injuries. A glove has different openings for each of your fingers. There are various sizes, colors, and designs of gloves on the market today.

Tongue and groove pliers

plumbingleftsjdkfghChannel lock as it was originally called, is a tool for twisting, holding, tightening and loosening nuts, screws, and bolts. A tongue and groove pliers have serrated jaws and a handle that is rubber clothed for safe handling.

These are important tools when you encounter unexpected repairs at home. You should ensure you have these tools in your plumber’s tool kit.…