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Tips for eliminating odors in the home


Odors are nerve wrecking. They can make your house unconducive for living. It does not matter it is from your pet, the garbage bin or your dirty carpet: your home will not be easy to live in. Of course, you can use commercial deodorizers to get rid of the odor, but you have not dealt with the source of the smell. You have to clean it up to totally get rid of the foul smell. To keep your home smelling nice, here are tips for eliminating odors in the home:

Clean it up first


Sometimes there is only one way to get rid of the foul smell, locate the source and get rid of it at once. Use soapy water to clean the place. An antibacterial detergent would serve the purpose better. Once the dirt is gone, use a half cup of water and another half of vinegar to disinfect the place. Leave all the windows open to clear any lingering smell. You can now breathe with ease.

Clearing carpet odors

If you have pets, you will have to contend with their odor. They will bring in wetness, debris and dirt from outside. It will all be left on your carpet. Spilled beverages and food particles will also add to the dirt and bad smell. Another cause could be your old carpet that is releasing musty odor. Start by opening all the windows to allow in fresh air. Give your carpets a good vacuuming. You should also take your carpets for thorough cleaning.

Getting rid of fridge odor

You may not know that the stench in your home could be from your fridge. Old food items will stink and if you leave them unchecked, it will keep getting worse. You have to remove these foods and thoroughly clean your fridge.

Mix a quarter cup of baking soda with 4 cups of warm water. After clearing all that is in your fridge cabinet, give it a thorough cleaning with the baking soda-warm water solution. Once you are done, reload your fridge and leave a box of baking soda inside. This will make sure your fridge will smell fresh all the time.

Cleaning a stinking garbage disposal

Your waste food disposal will get stinky. But you can get on top of things and never have to deal with garbage odor. First, keep the disposal clean. Have the garbage disposed of regularly? When you are using it, keep cold water running. Do not use hot water (it causes grease to turn into liquid, accumulate and clog your garbage disposal system).

To take care of bacteria, use frozen vinegar cubes and run them down the disposal. It will also dislodge food particles and leave your disposal spotless.

Removing toilet odor

mxckjkjjkjksjssYour toilet is another source of odor. The first rule is to always keep it clean. Every time you clean, add one cup of bleach into the bowl and leave it there for 20 or so minutes. If there is a plumbing problem, call a professional if it is something you cannot fix.…