Reasons For Using Bamboo Flooring

If you are considering replacing your worn-out and old flooring or building a new home, then you must be going through a process of selecting flooring options. There are many flooring options in the market today from which you can choose. One of these options is the bamboo type of wood flooring. This flooring option stands out because of some reasons.

Reasons why you should go for bamboo flooring



Although bamboo is scientifically classified as a type of grass, it has been tested in laboratories and found to be six percentage harder than the oak type of flooring. Due to its hardness, it does not easily wear out and will out-last a floor made of oak. Most manufacturers of this type of flooring provide a lifetime guarantee when you purchase it. Its cost per year is very low considering that it lasts for a long time. It is harder and stronger than any wood flooring. It may even be used as rebars for reinforcing concrete beams since it has a tensile strength of up to two thousand eight hundred.

Environmental friendliness

Bamboo is simply a type of grass and hence considered a highly renewable source of flooring material. This makes it exceptionally eco-friendly. If you are looking to reduce the need to cut trees annually for building materials, then you will appreciate the environment value of this flooring material.


Despite being a grass type and not a tree, after being manufactured into flooring, it has a great appeal like traditional wood flooring options. Bamboo has a natural beauty. Like other types of wood, bamboo can be finished with protective layers of coating or stained to give different colors.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Like its hardwood counterparts, bamboo flooring is easy to keep clean and maintain, unlike carpets. You do not need a vacuum to clean this type of flooring. A simple duster can effectively clean the flooring. You may need soap and water occasionally to clean the bamboo floor. The general maintenance of bamboo flooring is very low.

Moisture resistant

flooringrightsafgdhfgkljSince bamboo is a grass, it is highly resistant to decay and rot due to moisture. Bamboo usually thrives in moist conditions and will not lose its affinity for moisture after harvesting and manufacturing into a floor. You can use it in moist areas where hardwood floors are not recommended due to their susceptibility to decay and rot.

These are solid reasons for choosing bamboo flooring as your top option. This is the reasons why it is a prevalent type of flooring material.